Programs adopt policies for attendance & absences. 

Recording & reporting attendance is consistent with the certified hours of enrollment established for the parent.

Contracts generate service-level earnings based on enrollment. Service-level earnings may be reduced due to low attendance. 



Interpreting regulations & putting them into practice can be challenging. Below are strategies to ensure this component is met:


Essentials for Earning Center-Based Contracts

  1. Download Resource Guide (May update to include agency specific strategies/forms)

  2. Watch Training Videos (if applicable)

  3. Review Strategies

  4. Complete Knowledge Check:

    • Individual for eLearning

    • Group for in-person learning (Group Facilitator must sign-up for a free account)


Participants Learn to Use Kahoot! Random Fun Facts


Resource Guide

Tool for self-paced new employee trainings, live trainings & as a day-to-day desk reference manual.

Attendance & Absence Policy

Adopt reasonable policies delineating circumstances that would constitute an excused absence for “family emergency” and “in the best interest of the child.”

Family data file must contain a copy of the Court Order for excused absences based on time spent with a parent or other relative as required by a court of law.

Agencies must also adopt a policy governing unexcused absences which may include reasonable limitations, if any.

Contractors shall inform parents of these policies.


Attendance Instructions & Absence Policy (Sample)

Certified Enrollment & Attendance

Certified days & hours of enrollment are established at the time of initial certification & recertification.

Once a family establishes eligibility & need, their days & hours of approved attendance will remain the same until their recertification date for full-day programs & until the end of the school year for part-day programs.

Beyond reporting income that exceeds 85% of the SMI, there is no requirement to report other changes to eligibility or need. A family may at any time voluntarily request a change to their service level.


Request to Change Services: Center-Based

Strategies to Promote Attendance

Programs can "set the stage" by talking about the importance at the time of enrollment & throughout the program year. Staff can work directly with families to identify barriers & develop strategies to improve attendance.


Promoting Attendance Flyer (English) (Spanish)

Child Success Plan Template (English) (Spanish)

Tips for Good Attendance in Preschool

How to Help Your Child Have Successful Bedtime

How to Help Your Child Have a Successful Morning

Recording Attendance

Parent/Authorized adult must sign using their full legal signature

Parent/Authorized adult must enter the actual time of arrival & departure on a sign-in/sign-out sheet. 

Absences must include the child's name, date, reason for absence & full legal signature of parent or staff.

Track Best Interest days (maximum of 10 per fiscal year)

Track Unexcused absences (if applicable to agency policy)


Attendance Reminder

Attendance Record Weekly Submission Checklist

Managing Enrollment & Projections

Develop an enrollment plan

Actively enroll children based on the enrollment plan

Child attends care & daily attendance is documented

Enrollment & attendance activity is reported

Enrollment plan & projections are monitored on an ongoing basis & adjusted to ensure the contracts are being met


Attendance & Fiscal Reporting Procedures Handbook "Greenbook"

Earnings & Enrollment Workbook

Emergency Board Resolution (Sample)

Standard Adjustment Factor Reference Sheet

Earning & Reporting

Reports are due by the 20th of the month following the end of the reporting period

Monthly reporting is required for contractors on conditional or provisional status, CalWORKs & Seasonal Migrant programs

Quarterly reporting is required for all other contractors for the periods ending September 30, December 31, March 31, and June 30


Attendance Reporting Forms



This program monitoring tool may be used to document self-monitoring & the required annual program self-evaluation



Education Code: 8208(e), 8221.5, 8246(h)
Title 5: 18065, 18066, 18068Education Code: 8208(e), 8221.5, 8246(h)
Attendance & Fiscal Reporting Handbook (Greenbook)


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