Family Eligibility & Need Requirements - Families with children enrolled in the program have met the eligibility & need requirements. 

A family data file is established for each family, including a completed application & supporting documentation.

The contractor must verify eligibility of each child or family at the time of initial certification, recertification & as voluntarily requested by parent.

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Interpreting regulations & putting them into practice can be challenging. Below are strategies to ensure this component is met:


Steps to Efficiently Managing Eligibility & Beyond

  1. Download Resource Guide (May update to include agency specific strategies/forms)

  2. Watch Training Video (if applicable)

  3. Review Strategies

  4. Complete Knowledge Check:

    • Individual for eLearning

    • Group for in-person learning (Group Facilitator must sign-up for a free account)

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each section


    Participants Learn to Use Kahoot! Fun Trivia

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Resource Guide

Tool for self-paced new employee trainings, live trainings & as a day-to-day desk reference manual.

Selection Criteria

Program specific admission priorities may be found in the Funding Terms & Conditions. There is also an Admission Priorities Quick Reference Sheet in the resources below.

Programs must provide written materials for parents & assist them in applying for services. Typically a parent is provided with a packet that includes the parent handbook, checklist and applicable forms. It is the parents responsibility to provide the documentation needed to determine eligibility.


CAPP Parent & Provider Handbook Sample

Center-Based Parent Handbook Sample

Admission Priorities Quick Reference Sheet

Application Requirements Parent Checklists (Initial) (Recertification)

Income Ranking Chart

Incomplete File Notice

Age Eligibility & Income Guidelines Reference Sheet 2019-2020

Family Data File

State program eligibility documentation must be maintained in a family data file, which is stored in a locked cabinet.

Checklists assist staff in ensuring the family data file is consistently organized and serves as a check n' balance system for required documentation.


Family Eligibility File Checklist: Full Day

Child Data File Checklist

Family Size

Family size is determined at the time of certification, recertification & per parent voluntary request

At least one document for ALL children counted in the family size must be on file that indicates the relationship of the child to the parent


Sample Family Size Scenarios

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility is based on either child or family eligibility.  

Once a family establishes eligibility & need, they will remain eligible & receive services for not less than 12 months.

No requirement to report changes, except income eligible families with income that exceeds 85% of SMI.



Countable & Non-Countable Reference Sheet

Electronic Income Calculation Worksheet

Income Ranking Chart

Age Eligibility & Income Guidelines Reference Sheet 2019-2020

Eligibility Forms

CPS Sample Referral Letter

At-Risk Sample Referral Letter

Homeless Sample Referral Letter

Self-Identification of Homelessness

Self-Certification of Income (Used as last resort)

Parent Notification: Requirement to Report Income over 85%

Need Criteria

Parent’s must provide documentation of need in 1 or more of category at the time of certification & recertification.

Once a family establishes eligibility & need, they will remain eligible & receive services for not less than 12 months. No requirement to report changes, except income eligible families with income that exceeds 85% of SMI.


Samples: Determining Schedule

Samples: Determining Sleep Time

At-Risk Sample Referral Letter

CPS Sample Referral Letter

Declaration of Self-Employment

Educational Program Verification

Employment Verification Form

Employment Verification: Telephone

Homeless Sample Referral Letter

Request & Plan to Seek Employment

Request & Plan to Seek Housing

Statement of Incapacity

Training Verification

Fee Schedule

Use the Family Monthly Fee Schedule prepared & issued by the California Department of Education (CDE)

Determination & assessment of a parent’s fee is based on family size & their average monthly gross income

Part-Time Fee: Less than 130 hours per month

Full-Time Fee: 130 hours or more per month


EESD Family Fee Rate Calculator

Family Fee Responsibility

Family Fee Schedule 2019

Plan for Payment of Delinquent Fees

Application for Services

Completed at the time of initial & recertification. 

Once a family establishes eligibility & need, they will remain eligible & receive services for not less than 12 months.

No requirement to report changes, except income eligible families with income that exceeds 85% of SMI.

Parent may voluntarily report changes.

12-month eligibility starts on the date the agency representative signs the application for services certifying that eligibility criteria has been met 


Application for Services: EESD 9600

Request to Change Services: Center-Based

Request to Change Service: Alternative Payment

Notice of Action

Issue a Notice of Action (NOA) to approve or deny services.

The NOA must be mailed or delivered to the parent within 30 calendar days from the date the EESD 9600 was signed by the parent


Notice of Action

NOA Sample Action Language for NOA CD-7617

Multilingual Communication

We developed a template through Google Sheets, which incorporates Google Translate to have a real time conversation with someone who speaks a different language. It may not be a 100% perfect translation, but it's a great way to communicate quickly with someone in another language.

  1. Login to your Google Account

  2. Return to this page

  3. Open the Let's Chat Template

  4. Select File & Make a Copy to your drive

  5. Use the tool to communicate with parents that speak a different language


Let's Chat: Making Connections Across Language Barriers



This checklist may be used to thoroughly review family data files, family fees & attendance

This tool may be used to document self-monitoring & program-evaluation



Education Code: 8201(a), 8208(i)(ad)(ai)(aj), 8231, 8235, 8236, 8237, 8238.4, 8239,8246(a), 8250, 8263, 8263.1

Title 5: 18078, 18081–18085, 18089, 18090, 18096, 18100, 18102, 18103(a)(1)(2), 18107, 18118, 18131, 18133, 18191, 18211, 18212

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