Interpreting regulations & putting them into practice can be challenging. Below are strategies to ensure this component is met:


Identify Training Needs

To ensure an effective training program is in place, an assessment process that serves as a diagnostic tool for determining what training needs to take place should be conducted annually as part of the program self-evaluation

Staff surveys may also be used to gather data to determine what training needs to be developed to help individuals & the organization accomplish their goals and objectives

It reduces gaps between employee skills & the skills required by the job 


Program Compliance Playbook: State Guide to Program Implementation

Training Needs Survey Sample


Job Description

For every staff position at an organization there must be a corresponding job description that accurately & fully describes the job.

A well written job description not only describes the position’s responsibilities, it supports effective human resources management in a variety of ways. It sets the foundation for recruiting, developing and retaining talent & also sets the stage for optimum work performance by clarifying responsibilities, expected results & evaluation of performance.



Training Plan

Once the survey is compiled, it’s time to develop your training plan. The regulations state that contractors must provide Staff development opportunities that include topics related to:

  • Identified during the program self-evaluation

  • Functions specified in each employee's job description

  • Identified by staff


Training Plan Template


New Employee Orientation

Orientation is important because it lays a foundation for the new employee’s entire career with your organization. First impressions are important since they establish the basis for everything that follows. 

An orientation encourages employee confidence & helps the new employee adapt faster to the job.


Orientation Plan for New Employee



An internal communication system must be in place to provide each staff member with the information necessary to carry out his or her assigned duties. Internal communication is the life blood of any organization. A communication system might include:

  • Written Policies & Procedures 

  • Operations Management Platform

  • Team Meetings

  • Memos

  • Staff Newsletter

Performance Evaluation

An annual written performance evaluation procedure, unless a different frequency of performance evaluations is specified in a contractor's collective bargaining agreement with their employees must be in place.

An employee evaluation is instrumental in determining whether an employee's skill set is appropriately matched to the employee's job.




During a monitoring review the following evidence will be reviewed:

  • Written Job Descriptions

  • Written Staff Development Plan Linked to Annual Program Self-Evaluation

  • Participant Sign-In Sheet for Staff Development Sessions

  • Records of Implemented Staff Trainings



Education Code: 8240(g), 8245(b)(6), 8360
Title 5: 18274

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